Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LIFE in BPO - Chennai

Politics, regionalism!! this is all about the BPO anywhere in India name the city Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore rulez are same for any BPO around India " You must lick the Managers ass for growth, cheap politic, favouring people from their own hometown, Regionalism, talents got play there!!!! Poor hard working people !!! they get only peanuts in the end ....

People who are staright forward are named as Rebellion in charecter and sacked or never given an oppurtunity to grow in life. Sick isn't it!!! but thats the truth !!! I am a real time witness for all these @##$^$%^ shits...

Most of all, HR/Team Leads/Team Managers favours only the pretty looking girls, still wondering how on Earth these pretty girls get promoted with no talent than being pretty, seducive, you wanan get promoted you gotta wear a skirt and come in for appraisal!!!

I am one witness or victim !!! Don't know when this thing in BPO's will ever change!!

After party, chased by cops drove till Mayajal Cinema ( ECR road outside chennai) had good time early morning by the beach side ....

PZY7 Branded... coming soon tothe stores nearby


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Traffic Poilice caught on camera,  Chennai
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