Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tattoo Designs: Jerry, Chennai

Well, this post is all about interesting facts about tattoos, tattooing in chennai, whom to contact and where to go.

I have a fren ( Jerry ) who had been doing almost all my tattoos, so if anyone reading this post and who is a tattoo freak, who always wanted to have a tattoo, but din know wr to get it done in Chennai ...

i have got the solution for it ...I have the contact details down here in this post.
Ya'll can anytime reach him, book an appointment nad get ya tattoo done. Trust me he is real good @ tattooing, and not tat regular kinda tattoo guy wu would show u some catalogs of tattoos and get those done 4r u, instead he would ask u 4r ya own custom design, or ya thought, he'll draw it himself for u and if u like it, u hve it tattooed on u!!
Trust me !!                                                   
You might be wondering why im dedicating this post for him, well its just not that or any kinda advertisement, cuz quite some time back when i wanted to get a tattoo done for me, i din kno the wrabouts, so... for the people like me now who din know wr to get a tattoo done in Chennai,with too may Q's on their mind ... i m sure that this post of mine will surely be of good use.... aint that true !!charges for evry tattoo purely depends on the size of the tattoo, but need not worry he wont be insane. I guarantee that.. & .. in the upcoming posts i have plans to post all his tattoo designs, evn those that i got it from him.

Contact Person : Jerry
Contact number : 9841211127

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Care Instructions after tattoo

The artist that did your tattoo will have something very definite to say about the care of your new tattoo, and it is probably a good idea to listen to him/her. Many shops will have an information sheet listing care instructions. The information provided in this section may or may not be the same method your artist offers. Regardless, there are three things to remember about caring for your new tattoo: Moisturize, Don't over moisturize it, and whatever you do, Don't pick your onion peel scabs! Basically, as long as you follow these three points, you will be okay. However as people get more tattoos, they begin trying out slightly different methods, and not all of them will work on everybody. Some people will find that they are allergic to some products. How do you know which method is best for you? It depends on the type of skin you have, and how sensitive it is. I suggest you try a patch test on your skin for a week or so before you get a tattoo to see if you react to the ingredients.
Other people will recommend different ointments and lotions. Some people swear by Tea Tree Oil (toner) from the Body Shop for its healing qualities. Others like A&D Ointment (marketed for diaper rash, I find it somewhat greasy), and the cheapest is probably regular Vaseline Intensive Care.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Discothèques and Nightclubs in Chennai, India


Visit HFO. This place is hot and lives up to its name (Hell Freezes Over) with 6000 sq. feet of floor space, 2500 watts of music, state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems, a billiards table, a members-only and a non-members bar, the choicest liquors, the great music, 3 super-cool DJs and an atmosphere that is simply electrifying. On par, in quality, with other nightclubs around the world, yet priced reasonably, HFO is the place to be. You can party all week long. Do not miss Friday and Saturday nights for that is when HFO is really happening. There is also an exclusive Ladies Night on Wednesdays. Two Saturdays, a month, are dedicated to special events that include Fashion shows, Bacardi nights, Coke nights, etc. Guest DJs from all over the country are invited to play here.


A swanky pub. Dublin is the latest hotspot a combination of Irish pub/nightclub at Park Sheraton. ITC Hotel Park Sheraton and Towers 132, TTK Road .

PashaThe Park

Recline into the low divan-styled seating areas and ease into silky cushions in myraid colours. A maze of metallic organza drapes create perfect hide-aways in the midst of frenzied activity. Each Wednesday, an Indipop evening sets the floor on fire. A visiting DJ spikes up the atmosphere.

Flames Le Club

Experience the true meaning of nightlife with a mug of beer. Free Entrance for all during Pub Hours and exciting offers

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

My Favourite Quotes ov 2Pac

  • My attitude got me walking solo

  • How can I show you how I feel inside Ima outlaw can't kill my pride, talk a lot of shit but that's after I'm gone Cause they fear me in physical form let it be known I'm troublesome!!

  • Did the best I could, raised in insanityOr send me to hell cause I ain't beggin' for my lifeAin't nothing worse than this cursed ass hopeless lifeCause I'm troublesome

  • And even though we both came from the same placesThe money and the fame made us all change places

  • when my mama ask me will I changeI tell her yeah, but it's clear I'll always be the sameUntil the end of time

  • Please Lord forgive me for my life of sinMy hard stare seem to scare all my brothers kidsSo you know I don't hang around the house muchThis all night money making got me outta touch, shit

Monday, April 28, 2008

Le Club Flames

LE Club Flames rated the worst night club in Chennai.

1: Starting from the car parking, Flames starts charging the customers( ie the Security guys stands just by your side for 10 and 20 till we step inside)
This has to be strictly stopped by the management but the worst part is even the managers stand by your side for the same.
The Management has to do something about it ( Flames have already got its name painted black long back) to bring back its glory.

2: The Entry is pretty high(Rs500)for couples and Stags. Adding on to that there is no covering charge.
3: The Sounds, totally beeped up!!! sometimes we feel that the music inside our car was better.
It feels like the speakers are all torn.
4: When the complete crowd


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