Friday, November 26, 2010

Peaceful night out - -

November 25th 2010 - - slept whole day... washed my car and bike in the evening ..... got ready for the night out.. this time wanted no problem no fights no where... promised myself i wouldn't fight wit no one...

dressed up Fla ... drove the car ..blasting musik to besant nagar beach side .... bought some beer...picked up one of my fren ( Dj) went to his club, he wanted to check for Visual djing ... everythin went smooth and quiet ... played my fav tracks of tupac video in the club ....drank some bottles... then left the club.... next we planned to eat ... my fren said he gon cook for both us( he is great cook, belive me), bought some sausages, hot dogs, some more beer left back to his place.

Cooking session :
it was simple but great, he was to prepare Daal fry , sausage beer, chilli paste sounds simple isn't it .. trust me best food for beer.... had beer .... he made some awesone sausages ...... had dinnerat around 4 AM and slept ...

Peaceful ve it on my mob. lazee to post those ..


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