Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fucked up Morning

mind so fucked , im hungry, can't eat but, my mistakes keep haunting me like i am in hell in Earth... I love this life ... i love my parents, brothers, friends... had a wonderful kewl life going, one fine day everthing came to a halt that was 2007 January, day i got #$%%^... ever since my life is hectic, can't sleep on my own bed peacefully, dont feel free doing anything home, feel like im cuffed 24 7 hrs....

wondering what i did that keeps me haunting so bad ... wel that remains a secret... i would say its sacrifice that i did but i couldn't take it no more...

i wanna get out of this.. dont know how whith out hurting none from my side or the other side.... Lord be my saviour!!!


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