Tuesday, November 30, 2010

LIFE in BPO - Chennai

Politics, regionalism!! this is all about the BPO anywhere in India name the city Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi, Bangalore rulez are same for any BPO around India " You must lick the Managers ass for growth, cheap politic, favouring people from their own hometown, Regionalism, talents got play there!!!! Poor hard working people !!! they get only peanuts in the end ....

People who are staright forward are named as Rebellion in charecter and sacked or never given an oppurtunity to grow in life. Sick isn't it!!! but thats the truth !!! I am a real time witness for all these @##$^$%^ shits...

Most of all, HR/Team Leads/Team Managers favours only the pretty looking girls, still wondering how on Earth these pretty girls get promoted with no talent than being pretty, seducive, you wanan get promoted you gotta wear a skirt and come in for appraisal!!!

I am one witness or victim !!! Don't know when this thing in BPO's will ever change!!

After party, chased by cops drove till Mayajal Cinema ( ECR road outside chennai) had good time early morning by the beach side ....

PZY7 Branded... coming soon tothe stores nearby

Friday, November 26, 2010

Peaceful night out - -

November 25th 2010 - - slept whole day... washed my car and bike in the evening ..... got ready for the night out.. this time wanted no problem no fights no where... promised myself i wouldn't fight wit no one...

dressed up Fla ... drove the car ..blasting musik to besant nagar beach side .... bought some beer...picked up one of my fren ( Dj) went to his club, he wanted to check for Visual djing ... everythin went smooth and quiet ... played my fav tracks of tupac video in the club ....drank some bottles... then left the club.... next we planned to eat ... my fren said he gon cook for both us( he is great cook, belive me), bought some sausages, hot dogs, some more beer left back to his place.

Cooking session :
it was simple but great, he was to prepare Daal fry , sausage beer, chilli paste sounds simple isn't it .. trust me best food for beer.... had beer .... he made some awesone sausages ...... had dinnerat around 4 AM and slept ...

Peaceful night.....pictures ve it on my mob. lazee to post those ..

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Random - Pix from Club in Chennai

Random pictures from Le Club Flame, MIXX, Liquor joint
... Night was hosted by Eventus i guesss.... Clubs in Chennai are rocking off late...... Its Prashaanth in yellow tees.....
One with the phone ( MIXX written Behind, that's me )

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fucked up Morning

mind so fucked , im hungry, can't eat but, my mistakes keep haunting me like i am in hell in Earth... I love this life ... i love my parents, brothers, friends... had a wonderful kewl life going, one fine day everthing came to a halt that was 2007 January, day i got #$%%^... ever since my life is hectic, can't sleep on my own bed peacefully, dont feel free doing anything home, feel like im cuffed 24 7 hrs....

wondering what i did that keeps me haunting so bad ... wel that remains a secret... i would say its sacrifice that i did but i couldn't take it no more...

i wanna get out of this.. dont know how whith out hurting none from my side or the other side.... Lord be my saviour!!!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bella vista - Tangy

Place u we can sit close to the beach and socialise. Its on the way to thiruvan mayur. Pictures to be soon posted. An alternative to al night clubs, a very peacefull and calm rooftop dinner out just next to close

Monday, February 16, 2009

Chennai Beach

Marina Beach This beach is 12 km shoreline in the city of ChennaiIndia along the Bay of Bengal, part of the Indian Ocean
It is the second longest beach in the World. As we all know a lot about Marina Beach history already. I'll concentrate more on how Marina is  today.
Marina Beach is always flooded with all kinds of people from the richest to the poorest.
Early in the morning you will get to see the high profile businessmen to celebrities out on a walk with their Pets or grand children... these are the normal views everyday at Marina Beach.  
And the worst part, no matter how hot it is ... one can anytime find some couples or so-called couples somewhere in the corner of the beaach kissing, cuddling and it goes on ..... they don't care who cross by them, how hot it is ... they are deeply indulged in the world of infactuation or world of Kamaz....
Best Part of MArina: Evening times, those sundal stall, molagabachi, fish fry, and other vendors on the beach... kewl sight... 
I happened to meet a guy ( please see the picture on ya right) he is Gopi studying in 6th std, after school, he is in the beach selling these GLOWS each 10 to 50 bucks ... he says on a week day he hardly gets anything but on a weekend when the family crowd is seen in lots he earns around 1000 bucks.... 


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