Monday, February 16, 2009

Chennai Beach

Marina Beach This beach is 12 km shoreline in the city of ChennaiIndia along the Bay of Bengal, part of the Indian Ocean
It is the second longest beach in the World. As we all know a lot about Marina Beach history already. I'll concentrate more on how Marina is  today.
Marina Beach is always flooded with all kinds of people from the richest to the poorest.
Early in the morning you will get to see the high profile businessmen to celebrities out on a walk with their Pets or grand children... these are the normal views everyday at Marina Beach.  
And the worst part, no matter how hot it is ... one can anytime find some couples or so-called couples somewhere in the corner of the beaach kissing, cuddling and it goes on ..... they don't care who cross by them, how hot it is ... they are deeply indulged in the world of infactuation or world of Kamaz....
Best Part of MArina: Evening times, those sundal stall, molagabachi, fish fry, and other vendors on the beach... kewl sight... 
I happened to meet a guy ( please see the picture on ya right) he is Gopi studying in 6th std, after school, he is in the beach selling these GLOWS each 10 to 50 bucks ... he says on a week day he hardly gets anything but on a weekend when the family crowd is seen in lots he earns around 1000 bucks.... 

Sunday, February 15, 2009

View of Chennai International Airport from the Newly built Bridge

Chennai Airport:
The Newly built Bridge seems have given more of space for terror attack on the Chennai Airport.
To support this statement, have a look at the picture clicked from the bridge(Lay out of the bridge is very close to the Chennai Airport giving the complete view of the Chennai Airport to the public)to the other side of the chennai Airport.

This newly built bridge has got no armed forces anywhere to guard the Chennai Airport thus paving easy way for any terror attack.
From the Mumbai terror, Terrorist have demonstrated that they can be organised and are very strong technologically.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

MahabhaliPuram: Tourist Hot Spot or Chennaites Chilling point

Tamilnadu is best known for the hospitality shown towards, by every individual. This tendency of the people has made people visiting Tamilnadu more comfortable and secured. The people are sentimental and lone to be kind and generous. There are many qualities to speak about this state and its people. Tamilnadu has its own history right from the past. Tamil is one of the ancient languages. Tamil is also the source for the others neighboring Dravidian languages such as Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam and Thulu.

There are many beautiful sceneries, ancient monuments, historic temples for their unique sculptures, the culture and tradition of the natives and so on.
One such place to be watched, toward and enjoyed is mahabalipuram. This is a magnificent tourist place. Welcome to mahabalipuram, a legacy in stone.

How did Mahabalipuram get its name:

The former name of this place ‘Mahabalipuram’ has a history. A very rude cruel king Mahabali reined this place and in a fierce battle king Mahabali was killed by Lord Vishnu and the place was named after the dead, arrogant kind Mahabali.

What is special about mahabalipuram?

Yes indeed, every one knows that: the rock - cut caves, temples made from a single rock, temples and strives of different structures, and bas-reliefs which are so artistic and sheer creativity. Mamallpuram is referred as an ‘open-air museum’. The great pallava kings Narasimha I and Rajasimha have well preserved these stylistic qualities that one enjoys in mahabalipuram even in the present day.

How Mahabalipuram called in the recent years by the Chennaitez:

Mahabz!!!! well short form of that you all know the history about Mahabalipuram, you should also know the present trend prevailing about Mahabz.
Mahabz had always been a wonderful spot & drive for Chennaitez. Its some where about 43 kms away from Chennai though , you wont find it too far as the drive will ride your attention by its view points on the way.

East Coast road or shortly called ECR road, road lies adjacent to beach, so u feel like you are racing with the waves. More than you find most of the top rated cars driven inside the city limit you will find those cars on the ECR highway as the roads are fantastic as well as hardly any traffic.

Previously there were too many spots where the clubfreaks jammed, but with the recent copz stricting the movement on every Saturday nitez, these house parties have been conpletely shut.

Spot 1 :Pretty close to the Mahabz, on the left side of the road you find the Tiger caves.(Pictures attached ) 

You get it Couples!!thats the place for ya'll, uknawamsaying where there nobody to disturb you. The Area is vast, clean nad perfect, unlike the crowded city of Chennai, thats spot number 1
Trust me this is the place you had always WANTED

Spot 2: Inside 

Mahabz, there is one special street(OOthavadi Street, Flooded with lots Foreigners at all times, throughout the year). This street ends at the beach. Thats spot 2
There are four to five quality restaurants very much close to beach. You get to booze, eat awesome sea food, ( tawa Prawn, hmmm Mouth watering)my all time favourite...My advice to you will be to visit MOONRAKERS(REstaurant on the same street on right side)

. Hey out of all the restaurants on this street you get the best Tawa PRAWNS and TAWA Chicken in this restaurant but sad part it ain't next to the beach. Still you can compromise that for the good food you find there.

About safety: People in the place are very friendly, but its always good to stay away safe from strangers.

If in case you have more money you can also spend your time at GRT( Five star rated Resort).

Rooms are also availabale here at quite fair price( AC and Non AC) will range from 700 to 1200 rs.

As already mentioned Mahabalipuram is specially for Sculptures so anywhere and everywhere in there you will find shops where in the people designing sculptures

Hope you had fun reading this, I have tried my best to bring all possible facts and theories about Mahabz compressed in this post, hope this helps, if not and if more info is required post in here...


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chennai Night Clubz : Deserted

Saturday night has always been packed in every club in the city however since the New year, most of the clubs in Chennai are found to be empty.
Is it because of the Recession !! Or because of the Mangalore Issue @ Pubs.
Or should we just blame the management.
Management needs to find some options to get the crowd else soon or later these clubs might also get shut

video below was shot from my phone from the Dj console( Might not be clear)... still you can have a clear picture of the empty dance floor.

DJ Walley in the house


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Friday, February 6, 2009

Mobile Phone Watch - 1.4 Inch Touchscreen + Keypad

Must try gadget for all you !!! GADGET FREAKS

Price Tag: $120.38.

Check out the Video above to know more about this gadget. Trust me its more than we could imagine.
I am just wondering how on Earth these Chinese freakz come up with a Gadget like this....

To know more and to order one for you please visit the below link.

Mobile Phone Watch-1.4 inch Touchscreen + Keypad

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mee... Its all about you

Well this post is about the shop Mee...
Mee, its all about you .... That's what they call their shop...
Mee.... Strictly, not for LADIES... its for TRENDY GIRLS, 

What do you find there??? 
You get great tops(good collections), heels, skirts, jeans, shades, belts, accessories etc.. 

Best part of MEE is that every collection is unique in its own way...
So you need to take your own time surfing through the complete shop to find what you need.. 

Governed By : 

The shop is owned by a gal and her partner in business (partner in crime ... Lol)

Visit the shop and if you think its worth it, please post your comments

funny part was that the gurl there din't allow to click any snaps of their shop, I still clicked one frm outside...


Location: Stella Maris college rd towards Zara
Contact number : 044 42329525

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Top view of the Kathiparra Bridge at Guindy

Kathiparra Bridge at Guindy: Long awaited  bridge has been finally opened. Even though the Fly over has still got some pending works,  our State Govt has decided to open it finally. 
Thanks to the Govt authority for not delaying anymore. 

Little relief for all the vehicles coming from Airport road, as this bridge will surely reduce the heavy traffic.

Above are the lay outs and the actual bridge.


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